• No matter what your situation, we have a product that will always fit the requirements of your stand design.

    Sky Banners, Easi Frames, Promo People, Pop up walls, Audio Visual and Additional Themeing are just a few of our products in our expanding range.

    With a constantly evolving market, we’re always investing research into exciting & innovative new products.
  • Sky Banners

  • A well placed sky banner will put your branding above your competitors. This will both add to the grandeur of your set up and draw attention to you from all corners of the Expo.

    We can custom build your sky banner in any size of shape or square to round, 100cm diameter to 500cm diameter. To make this cost effective you simply hire the frame from us and we custom design the skin.
  • Easi Frames

  • The EASI Frame® Display System works by inserting a ‘Fabric Skin’ with a silicon edge into a custom built aluminium frame.

    The key benefit of the EASI Frame® is that it allows you to change your marketing campaigns quickly without the need of a professional installer therefore maximising your advertising budget.

    Easi Frames are versatile as they are light weight, easy to install, vibrant, custom built and tailored to your budget.

    Easi Frames come in a variety of different variations:
  • • Single Sided
    • Double Sided
    • Light Box
    • Suspended from the ceiling
    • Wall mounted
    • Free Standing
  • Light Box
  • Double Sided
  • Single Sided
  • Pop up walls

  • Lightweight and takes minutes to set up, the POP UP Wall is the perfect product for anyone who does a lot of travelling.

    Consisting of an interchangeable Fabric skin and expanding frame, this display can be set up in under 5 mins!
  • Promotional Counters

  • A great additional support product for your main display and proves to be extremely effective due to their cost efficiency, light weight and easy-to-install construction.

    Promotional Counters can either be purchased or hired.
  • Flyers and Brochures

  • Our in-house graphic design team are perfectly positioned to create Expo-specific flyers and brochures for you.

    Our cutting edge printing will complete the process! It's important to present both during your show and with follow up marketing collateral information specific to your presence at the show.
  • Branded Flooring

  • Don’t forget the ground! A quirky image, welcoming message, or company logo at your guests’ feet can have a big impact.

    Our branded flooring ranges from standard custom door mats, through to large removable rubber logos.
  • Audio Visual

  • A sharp video, light, or sound presentation can really bring your stand alive.

    We can provide the perfect AV combination to complement your show presence.
  • Promotional Staff

  • You can have the most impressive stand at the show, but without the human touch element, your target clients may walk straight past.

    Our promotional staff can help you draw visitors to your stand, hand out information packs, or collect valuable contact details for your staff to follow up.
  • Additional Themes

  • Whether its flowers or fire breathers, fish tanks or fish fingers, going above and beyond to compliment your brand and bring attention to your stand is essential.

    We will work with you to ensure any additional themes works in seamlessly with your message.